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Come, take a ride with us!

Pharaoh RiderS has numerous artists of all crafts, here is a list of a few:

G'Bow is home-based in LA, however he temporarily relocated to the Chicago area. When he's not in the studio laying tracks, he can be found working as an "extra" on manyof the prime time shows that appear on television (I can't say the names due to copyrights infringments). However, next time you watch, check out the people in the background. The tall skinny "Black Dude" is probably G'Bow. G'Bow leads the tracks "American Born", "Diamond Girl", "Real", "Quite Like Me", "Feelingz", "Proud", & "We Miss U". By far G'Bow is the Lead, Lead on the CD.

ZanMAN is home-based in Chicago. He's one of the driving forces at Pharaoh RiderS. In addition to participating in the arrangements, production, distribution, and staffing of all artists and products, he does the lead rap in "THUGGIN' IN THE CITY"! He's an excellent behind the line force, that keeps everything moving in the right direction around here!

Chel'le Girlie is home-based in Chicago. She has talents that she doesn't even know about. Her leads are in, "What, What, What, What", a story about a creepin' female that trying not hurt her better half; and "723-8004" a very special phone number of her grandmother that she used back in the day. She's feathered in the Rap part of Diamond Girl. Currently she's on a spoken word tours and is performing at numerous venues in the Chicago area.

Simone has taken a hiatus from the entertainment business and decided to go back to school to pursue a master degree in business administration at the University of Alabama.

You can contact the following artists and staff through their email links below: