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Come, take a ride with us!

Pharaoh RiderS Entertainment, is an Independent Record Label that was founded by Zannie Bowen (ZanMAN), in Atlanta, Georgia, 2002. The Label has since relocated to Chicago, Illinois.

Our mission is to record, sale, and distribute music worldwide. In addition, we solicit and work with talents in comedy, acting, modeling, and dancing. Our music can be found everywhere, including; Amazon, Itunes, Rhaspody and Cdbaby, just to name a few.

Our focus is to stay on the lookout for talent, and when found, provide an outlet for it to flourish.

Our niche is to locate talent in areas ignored by the major agencies.

At Pharaoh RiderS, our search is not limited to one country or cultural. We look for talent in places like Africa, Asia, the islands of the Caribbean, etc. Here, we realizes talent is not indigenous to one location or cultural. It's everywhere, and its our job to find it!

Although, we are a small organization, with limited resources, we capitalize on the use of the world wide web, and word of mouth to deliver our messages and products.

So, with that said, "Come, take a ride on our Pharaoh Sphinx! We promise, it will be an adventure you will never forget!!!

Note: If you are a promoter, producer, manager, etc. and interested in joining the staff of Pharaoh RiderS Entertainment, please go to our contact page, and provide details of what you do, (jobs, promotions, groups managed, etc.). Attach any, *videos, mp3s, pictures, etc, you may have of artists, performances, venues, and jobs that you've participated in.

We will review the information and contact you if warranted.

*all material sent, i.e. videos, mp3(s), pictures, etc., becomes the property of Pharaoh RiderS Entertainment and will not be return.